Check the Forge of Ice FB page, please

Hello there!

You’ve found your way to the Forge of Ice website… which I do not currently use. The best and fastest way to get ahold of me is though the Forge of Ice Facebook page – or you can also find me on Instagram or Twitter.

I’ve been meaning to get the site working and useful for like ten years now, and… it’s still not there. One of these days I’ll figure it out (or hire someone to set it up for me), but, at least for now, social media is where my main presence is.

There is no online store -if you’re in the UK or EU and would like to order something, check out the Forge of Ice section on the Fenris Games website at:!/Forge-of-Ice-miniatures/c/23044053

Otherwise shoot me a message on Facebook and I can get the order sorted out there.