Dragon Turtle

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This is a large model that requires some modelling skill to assemble successfully. It is sold unpainted and unassembled. Hobby magnets may be used to facilitate adding or removing parts (such as the heads or the shell), but are not included.

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Hand sculpted by legendary miniature sculptor John Dennett (creator of the Demogorgon used in Stranger Things), this massive beast is large enough to threaten even mighty sailing ships in tabletop gaming scale.

The model measures over 6 inches wide, over 8 inches tall, and either 21 or 22 inches long depending on which head option you use. The body is hollow and can be used to store dice, victims, or treasure, and the top of the shell can lay flat on the table as a waterline piece.

This model is sold unpainted, is cast in gray resin, and requires some modeling skill to assemble.