Agapor, goblin mercenary wizard.


Agapor, Goblin Mercenary Wizard

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The leader of a band of goblin mercenaries, Agapor is shrewd, thoughtful, and wholly opportunistic. He’s smart enough to not commit any crimes while in civilized lands, and he cares enough about the long term to mostly fulfill any contract he’s hired for. But the moment that Officialdom’s eyes are elsewhere…

He also takes care to spread the loot around freely. His troops are more loyal than one usually expects from goblins – they’re all keenly aware that any other boss would treat them worse. His men have stopped potential rivals more often than he has!

Wielding a powerful artifact known as “The Orb of the Fiery Depths”, he is highly motivated to unlock more of its secrets – before he found it he was a middling wizard at best, but finding the Orb inspired him to take the pursuit of knowledge seriously.  His mercenary band will pursue contracts that can put him in proximity to repositories of arcane knowledge, or tutors who can help study the artifact.

Agapor miniature sculpted by Kev ‘Goblinmaster’ Adams; display model painted by Rob Wheeler.

The model is sold on a slot tab, but a base is not included with the miniature – customers must provide their own.